About Us

ReEco-San International is a development and environment centered company committed to Introduce innovative green technologies for waste management, Eco-sanitation and production of renewable energy and play a major role for community transformation for sustainable development

ReEco-San is registered in Norway and has its head quarter in Oslo. A branch sister company is opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Since its establishment in 2012, ReEco-San has been working to deal with the pressing environmental and socio-economic issues associated with the economic growth that are visible in countries like Ethiopia.

The focus areas of the company are

  • The Sustainable use of resources, such as waste and thereby contribute to a cleaner, greener and healthier cities while creating value
  • The expansion of the use of renewable energy sources
  • Environmental protection via introduction of green technologies and consultancy services

ReEco-San is already engaged in creating value from the untapped resources and ever increasing municipal solid in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As 60-70 % of the municipal solid waste is organic in nature, the company is the process of introducing effective technologies that convert organic waste to Compost. This will create values,diverts the waste from open damping sites and landfills, creat jobs and protects the local environment from pollution.

ReEco-San is also planning to introduce eco-sanitation systems at household level and community centers for safe handling and treatment of gray water for reuse. On renewable energy side, ReEco-San plans to facilitates access to affordable clean energy technologies and contribute to a rapid expansion of the use of renewable energy.


The organization is established by a group of professionals with expertise in the area of waste management, Eco-sanitation, Solar panel technologies, engineering and project management.

ReEco-San’s have many years of experiences across I-NGO, academia and have a good network with profesionals in Scandinavia and East Africa countries.


Be a leading actor in creating sustainable green environment


  • Promote and strength utilization of waste as a resource
  • Contribute to a cleaner, greener and aesthetically attractive environment.
  • Provide environmental related consultancy services


  • Introduce and promote green technologies to waste management, eco-sanitation and production of energy
  • Test and adapt innovative waste-to-resource technologies and optimize their use
  • Use our experience and expertise for green eonomic delopment actvities and environment

Our Values

  • Accountable
  • Innovative
  • Inclusive
  • Competent

Our Policies

Socio-economic Policy

Our products and services shall have an impact on all members of the population

Environmental Policy

Our business activities shall have the minimum impact on nature and environment

Technological Policy

Use cutting edge green technologies to provide for green economic development