ReEco-San International shall work on innovative idea and business models that can make valuble contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal in Sanitaion. It has experienced staff in Resource-Oriented Sanitation and endeavors to provide a hygienically safe, economical, and closed-loop system to convert human excreta (faecal and urine) into nutrients and bioenergy. This system significantly reduce the negative effects of conventional human excreta disposal on the environment and human health and contribute to the circular economy and green development.

ReEco-San plans to provide Eco-toilets, mobile toilets, on-site wastewater treatment plants, decentralized wastewater treatment plants for cluster and small communites, institutions, etc. and biogas plants.


ReEco-San can provide a consultancy service on strategies as to the selection and use of appropriate technologies for collection, treatment and hygienically safe reuse of excreta at individual, cluster or community levels.