Marketing Research and Partnership

Your projects may require an innovative approach to assessments and follow ups. We enjoy a challenging partnership and are ready to provide training and consultancy services for clients working with developmental and environmental projects.

The staffs of ReEco-San has  expertise in the field of waste management, Eco-sanitation, Environmental impact assessment and resource management for sustainable development at a masters and PhD level polished by many years of experience.

Services include

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Project management
  • Procurement & construction management
  • Legislative approvals and considerations including approvals for environmental planning, and infrastructure siting and operations
  • Detailed and conceptual design for landfills, transfer stations, resources recovery facilities, containment cells, leachate and rehabilitation
  • Environmental management including modelling, monitoring, collection, assessments, compliance evaluation
  • Strategic planning for siting, resource and waste management, financial modelling and recycling or resource recovery
  • Alternative waste technologies assessment, selection, concept, design, feasibility and options
  • Auditing for waste and compliance