April 2017: ReEco-Sans view about Reppies Avalanche –

Koshe collapsed. explanation

March 2017: ReEco-San has been selected as one of the 18 Companies by the Ethiopian Climate innovative Center (ECIC) and presented its Organic Waste to Compost Project as a Pitch for further grant opportunities

March 2017: The greenhouse structure to be used as compost Production facility is raised up.  The process of installing the machineries has started

January 2017: The machineries to be installed in composting facility are imported to Ethiopia and shall be installed for compost production in 2017

April 2016 The construction of the composting facility at Akaki transfer station, in Addis Ababa has been going on since April 2016

March 2016: ReEco-San has widened its professional network and have had meetings with different funding organization such as

  • Innovation Norge and green business Norway in Norway
  • LACI, Austrian development fund (ADA) and Finland Embassy in Ethiopia

And discussed possibilities of future cooperation in the area of green development activities.

January 2016: ReEco-San has strengthened its cooperation with the Ethiopian climate innovative center (ECIC) and solid waste recycling and disposal project office (SWRDPO) of the city of Addis Ababa

December 2015: Delegate of ReEco-San International have been in Addis Ababa to evaluate the progress of the undergoing waste to compost project in collaboration with Addis Ababa city Solid waste recycling and disposal project office. The project activities are being implemented according to the plan. During the visit a series of meetings were undertaken with the City administration, CIC, and interested contractors who wants to compete for the bid for constructing the composting facility. Along the line ReEco-San has givien a training about about composting for 20 women trainees selected by the city administration. The City administration and the trainees have given a positive feedback as to the quality of the training activity and expressed their interest for the continuty of similar training activities in the future.

September 2015: Delegates of ReEco-san International have been in China to visit four producers of efficient composting technologies and asses opportunities for cooperation.

January 2015: ReEco-San international has got an investment permit in Addis Ababa to invest, install and use machines that convert organic waste to Compost.

December 2014: Minister Dewano Kedir met with a delegation of the ReEco-San International a develpment and environmental centered company committed to introduce innovative green technologies, established by the Ethiopian Diaspora in Norway.

May 2014: ReEco-San international is selected as one of the beneficiaries to get support from CIC to implement a project that converts Organic waste to Compost. It’s a great honor that ReEco-San has been selected for a proof of concept grant from the Ethiopian Climate Innovation Center (CIC). The center is supported by the government of Norway, UKaid, and the World Bank as a part of infoDev’s Climate Technology Program.