Organization Flow Chart

Team Members

Dereje T. Asefa

Dereje T. Asefa Founder and board Chairman

Has a PhD in industrial and environmental microbiology with 15 years of experience in research institutes and private companies. For the last 5 years, he has been working as a manager of the department of Health, Environment, Safety and Quality at the biggest waste managing company in Norway with responsibilities for/to

  • Coordinating and performing a scientific environmental impact assessment of waste management activities
  • Follow up the construction of new waste management facilities so that they fulfill requirements for environmental protection
  • Follow up the development of new landfill and develop a closure, according to Norwegian regulations.
  • Coordinate environmental sampling activities for verifying measures installed are working as they are supposed too
  • Communicating with Norwegian environmental protection authorities,
  • Assessing customer complaint and implement corrective actions
  • Make sure the safety of the operators is always considered and personal protective equipment available any time
  • Perform investigations when incidents happen (environmental, safety, quality and health) and recommend corrective actions.
  • In addition, he has been the member of the management board that devises strategies for the day-to-day activities of the waste managing company

Eshetu Janka

Eshetu Janka, Owner and acting General manager.

Has a PhD in Greenhouse Technology and Horticultural Science. Over 10 years of experience in research and academic institutes (Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Aarhus University, Denmark and University College of Southeast, Norway). From the past 5 years till now he is working as PhD fellow, researcher and assistant lecturer. Currently he is working in the University College of Southeast Norway, in the department of process, energy and environmental technology. His main responsibilities in the current job are:-

  • Research and education in anaerobic digestion and process control
  • Research and development on agricultural and industrial wastewater management and treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion and system integration with greenhouse cultivation
  • Projects work on carbon and nutrient recycling and management
  • Teaching laboratory methods in the environmental and biotechnology laboratory
  • Supervision and advice for Msc. and PhD students
  • Project development, follow-up and reporting
  • Writing articles for scientific journals

Alene Tesfamichael

Alene Tesfamichael board member Founder and coordinator for Waste management and Eco-Sanitation

Board member, who has an MSc in Management of Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture with more than 15 years of experience in research institute, universities and non-governmental organizations. For the last 4 years, he has been working as vermicomposting researcher at Lindum AS, one of the largest waste management companies, in Norway. He has been responsible for

  • Researching and development of vermicomposting method for the food waste and food waste digestate
  • Researching and development of  the optimum environmental conditions favourable for  vermicomposting food waste digestate
  • Research and development of aerobically activated compost tea
  • Following and recording of the composting process of green waste composting at Lindum
  • Research and formulation of growing media including peat free pot soil
  • Researching the utilization of vermicomposting and compost for vegetable production in the green houses
  • Undertaking laboratory analyses of different composts

Tekle Haile

Tekle Haile Founder and Renewable Energy Officer.

Has an electro mechanical education background from Ethiopia & Italy with specialization in programmable logic controller (PLC) automation systems. Has 15 years of service on board cargo ships as electrical officer and 13 years working in Norway’s biggest Oslo metro company as senior technician. Working as Technical faults data analyser and trouble shooter for the last 2 years with responsibilities for 

  • Coordinating dep. technical staff
  • Holding short technical curses
  • Communicating with different departments reg. component qualities.
  • Looking for new technical solutions
  • Making/Preparing technical manuals
  • has served as the member of the management board of ReEco-San international for 2 years.

Kifle Datu Adersom

Kifle Datu Adersom Founder and Solar energy coordinator.

Has MA in chemical engineering with experience from Caustic soda factory project at Zaway,Ethiopia,

Har worked in different in Norway

  • As a chemical enginieer Norcem FoU, Brevik, Norway
  • Process equipment maintenance department, Borislis, Norway
  • Renewable Energu corporation wafer, Norway and worked with development of crucial components for solar panels
  • Yara technology centre, Porsgrunn, Norway