Waste Management


All the biodegradable waste (collected by ReEco-San and the city administration) will be composted and converted to a bio fertilizer. The compost that is free from environmental hazards can effectively be utilized as an organic fertilizer to rejuvenate soils and to formulate growing media for green house plants.


Vermicompost which is also known as ‘’Black Gold’’ will be one of the best compost products of ReEcosan in the near future. A modern vermicomposting technology will be installed and, with the help of composting earthworms, vermicompost will be produced. The vermicompost can be used for growing media formulation and Compost tea production.

Aerobically Composted Tea

From the compost that ReEco-San produces, aerobically composted tea will be produced and supplied to interested users like farmers and vegetable growers. Aerobically Composted Tea is a liquid fertilizer that has multiple benefits like protection of a plant from some diseases and pests.

Recycling Bins

ReEco-San plans to provide recycling bins for source separated waste collection. The households will then segregate waste at source into biodegradable (wet) waste and non-biodegradable (dry) waste. The non-biodegradable (dry) waste will thereafter be segregated into recyclables, non-recyclables, and domestic hazardous waste.

Composting Bins

Small scale composting and vermicomposting bins (facilities) will be supplied for those who need to work on composting or vermicomposting at a house hold level.

Raw Material For Recycling

The non-biodegradable waste will be segregated by category at the site be sold to Companies that have machinery and expertise to recycle the material properly. For example crushed plastic bottles

Small Scale Bio Gas Plants


Consultancy And Training

RecEco-San provides extensive training and consultancy for any individual or organization interested in SWM, composting and vermicomposting. This might include the linkage between waste, a deteriorating environment human health; the treatment; management of waste; principles; collection; transportation, composting and recycling technologies; occupational hazards, environmental impact assesment etc


ReEco-San plans to be involved in a door-to-door collection of waste on a daily basis. The waste will be transported to transfer stations (TS) for treatment